Forgotten Places

I will visit lost places in 2017 and than present you the images here so you can always stay up-to-date if youre checking this page, you can  also subscribe to my Instagram account, its always linked down

The old Castle

The Old Castle was a Powerful fastening system with two parts, both had a own tower. The length is

100 m with an average width of 30 m. The castle was built around 1050 to 1140 to secure the enclosed monastery. Until 1535 the castle was inhabited 

than the last inhabitant decided to leave the castle restoration and clearing of the foundation walls starts in 1897. It is located in Lower Saxony.

The Reichsparteitag arena in Nuremberg

The Reichsparteitagitagsgelände in Nuremberg is one of the most famous Lostplaces in Bavaria. It is not quite forgotten yet, but the city of Nuremberg do everything to grow grass over the city's brown past. Most of the buildings that should be built here were not even finished or decay today. The terrain is huge. It include a total area of over 16.5km². To the area belonged the Luidpoltenhain, The Zeppelin field, The railway station, The congress hall The Great Street and the German Stadion which was not finished.