My City trips

Here I post my city photos! Whether New York, Hamburg, Amsterdam or Berlin. Many cities have a special flair that makes them unique, each city is differently different, e.g. Amsterdam is known for its canals, New York sure, for the huge skyscrapers, just the city that never sleeps! Venice for its many water ways. Get inspiration from my photos, tips and experiences.


Amsterdam, A paradise for people interested in history, there are numerous museums. The most famous of all is known to us, of course, the Anne Frank Museum, although you have to wait if you are not the first is at least 3 hours to come in but the museum and the house brings us the story of this girl eerily close. But Amsterdam is also known for canals, red light and Coffé Shops, at every corner is one, these "tinker shops". What fascinated me when I was there was the canal tour through the canals of this city. In addition there is a whole district where lightly clad women stand in windows, the red light district. There is also a red light museum of course nothing for children, but still a secret tip of me.

My tips for your trip to Amsterdam: A canal tour, Anne Frank Museum, visit of the old town and the red light milieu



Weimar, a rather small city in comparison to Amsterdam or Berlin,  its known world-wide because of many poets and thinkers here. The quiet drive with beautifully landscaped parks also invites you to spend a hard life as a poet here. The world's most famous of those who reside here is well Goethe then there are also Liszt, Schiller etc. Even the city is not great but that has nothing to do with their beauty.Hardly a German city is still conserve as Weimar , even Goethe's dwelling-house looks as if he had left it yesterday. The large number of 5 star hotels like the Gran Hotel, where I spent the nights fits in the city image as nothing else. What I always recommend if you are in eastern-Germany is to go to a Meissner porcelain shop and just to rummage here. It is one of the most expensive porcelain in the world, but anyone who knows about history will know what value it has. Since the city has a lot of buildings that are important to our art, I recommend a tour with a travel Guide through the city center, He can bring many buildings closer to you places (Schiller Wohnhaus, Goethe Residence, and much more) 

So I advise a visit to Weimar: visit the Goethehaus, a tour with the coach through the old town, in general to the east, a visit to a Meissner porcelain shop



I was more than fascinated by Rome, but Rome is also a city that has retained its Roman flair, with Roman Romanesque architecture, very well preserved, The Colosseum, The Forum Rromanum, the Pantheon and the entire old town. If you are interested in Italian history or Romanesque architecture, you can not imagine a visit to Rome. The Colosseum was begun in 70 A.D. Even the restored thermal baths and public squares of the ancient Romans can not be compared with anything. If you are in Rome but also a strong country typical meal in an Italian restaurant, Here you should always make sure that you go to a restaurant which is a secluded alley. Just one where not hundreds of tourists are. According to my experience, it tastet almost best here . And finally, a secret tip, if you are in Rome, go to the catacombs of Saint Sebastiano, although the road is there if you do not take a taxi almost impossible (which we at the own body experienced) Since there is almost u you can probably imagine why... If you need help, just ask the locals, When we did not know the way, a family accompanied the way to the catacombs through a park at 40 degrees.

My recommendation for a visit to Italy's capital:

Be sure to visit the ancient buildings and ruins of the Romans, and to visit the catacombs is not bad either, I also recommend you eat a pizza or spaghetti carbonara in a restaurant in a twisty alley.



Venice! Venice is just a dream. If you are in Venice's old town you think you are going to a different world, the numerous shops with the handmade carnival masks "which are typical for the region you have to visit simply we were in the" Ca 'del Sol "a quite well known masks manufacturer Which has already been producing the funny masks for at last 200 years, the most of them are really expensive but it is the best souvenir for a trip to Venice, where you will be able to visit the city of Venice Hurry with your stay in the city. If you would like to make a trip to Venice from the Gardersee,  as we have done. In the city are offered at each corner gondola rides, Of course it is an experience once made to have unfortunately the prices of such a tour (80-150 €) are quite high. If you want to visit a museum, I advise you the Dogen palace, here you can get a ticket for 40 € And then youre able visit the Doge Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, the accompanying prison and the rooms belonging to the Doge Palace.

I advise you to your trip to Venice: a visit to the Cal del Sol or another mask shop, maby a gondola-tour, and a visit to the Bridge of Sighs with the prison and the Doge's Palace.




Dresden, Dresden is not as much to see as in Venice, but Dresden is for me a city of art par excellence, the Zwinger in Dresden with its Semper Gallery contains very important art treasures of German and

Eastern-German art , From the First Porcelain Sculptures in Europe (Meissner Porcelain) to the Sistine Madonna of Raffael. The Old Town with the Neumarkt (something like new markte) also has some beautiful Baroque buildings to offer. The Brühlsche Terasse, which extends over 500 meters along the river Elbe, includes some well-known buildings such as the Kunstakademie (art academy) and the Hofkirche. It is called Brühl's terrace because of the high facilities that used to be used to fortify Dresden in 16th century. If you want to eat really great i would like to introduce you to the restaurant "Daniel", The service here was perfect from the first moment, The food was also tasted well, So a must for a trip to Dresden!

So I recommend you for a trip to Dresden; Visit the Zwinger or another baroque building, the restaurant "Daniel" and go on the other side of Elbe to photograph the panorama of Dresden.




Füssen, If you like hiking through the Alps and history than youre absolutely right here. The German Alpen are a good starting point for cycling tours to the castle of Ludwig II. the Neuschwanstein Castle. I can understand more than why he took the location as a place for one of his biggest castle. Füssen, with its mountains and much lakes (Starnberger See, Schwansee, Alpsee and many more) is perfect for longer hiking tours in summer and winter! The bike paths are also very well developed here. So you can choose a cycling holiday that can be your next destination.

But also to get out of the big city hustle and bustle and let your mind go by, Füssen is very suitable. Also, if you are looking for art and culture here youre not wrong here, there is an opera, galleries and museums. To get away from stress work, etc. Füssen is more than suitable.

So if you decide for Füssen, I advise you to make a guided tour to Neuschwanstein Castle, or Hohenschwangau Castle. And just enjoy life!



Hamburg, In Hamburg there are many sights much too many to visit all. One of them is the city hall, when I made a city tour the guide said; If you find the exterior of the town hall already beautiful and then go inside, you will find the outside after ugly, so beautiful it is in there. When I did a visit i found the exterior of the building still beautiful, but nevertheless the numerous rooms where the Hamburg senate to his meetings are already hundreds of years overwhelmingly meets the wall coverings the numerous meeting rooms where already Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm and co. Make a visit indispensable! If you want to eat a typical Hamburger Fischbrot (fish bread) you have to get up early in the morning! The Hamburg Fisch Markt (fish market) attracts every sunday  70,000 visitors, whether it's a fruit basket or fresh fish or tropical flowers, everyone here finds something. Since the hot spots are distributed all over the city I advise you in any case to make a city tour with a bus. Then you get all shown, very interesting is also where the Hamburger is, on the Alster there are so many shops where some on a visit times just several thousand euros on the counter, no matter whether luxury watches, jewelry or luxury clothes. A highlight is also the miniature wonderland of Hamburg, the largest minatur structrue in the world, it is not only something for children. But who is not enough adventure here they must only a building go left, there is the Hamburg dungeon, here you can times correct Creepy mood. But also the Speicherstadt where the Wunderland is located is worth a visit.

For your trip to the harbor city, I advise you to bring a bit time with becouse Hamburg has too many sights to look at them all in one day, a guided tour of the city hall, a visit to the dungeon or for the little ones In the miniature wonderland and a city tour by bus.



Munich is one of the most beautiful cities of Germany in my opinion. Here you can really enjoy the Bavarian kitchen with scheins' haxn, potato dumplings, a Paulaner white beer or simply a Wiener Schnitzel. In the time from 16.09 till 3.10 its Wiesn season in Munich, then opens the Oktoberfest. If you also have an old Dirndl or leather pants in the closet than youre perfecty right here! In addition, I recommend a visit to Nymphenburg Castle to for every visitor to the city. The castle is a bit out of the old town but worth a visit. If you really want to go shopping like a millionair or youare one than you must gladly visit the Maximilianstraße (Maximilianstreet) here you are not limited by luxury articles here there are from Rolex over Louis Vuitton to Hugo Boss everything. In addition, I recommend you visit the English Garden and the German Museum during a visit to Munich.

My recommendations for your Munich trip: Visit of Nymphenburg Palace, German Museum and eating in a typical Bavarian restaurant like the Hofbräuhaus.


New York

New york, New York, the city that never sleeps, New York has really everything, from districts that look like an American small town, Green Witch Village, to Large Parks, Central Park, Art and Culture, Like the Moma Museum of Mordern Art, The museum is one of the most famous art muesums in the world, here you can look at works of Vincent van Gogh, The Night of the Stars, but also other paintings by for example Roy Lichtenstein, the museum includes 150,000 works of architecture and desingn, drawings, paintings, sculptures many others by Alice Aycock, Louise Bourgeois, Alexander Calder and Henry Monroe, and much more. For art fans the visit of this museum is a must. If you want to see the city from above, I advise you to visit the Rockefeller Center, from here you can see all the well known buildings. the Central Park, New WTC and the Empire State is well visible. The food is a bit more expensive than in other cities but you should at least once at a typical American restaurant (no, I do not mean McDondals), there you can have a big and nice burger with fries. I can also recommend from my own experience the visit of the 9/11 Memorial, the Great Waterfalls which mark the standpoints of the twin towers are perfect for photo tours. Also the museum and the small church next to the Memorial are a must for the visit of New York City.

So i recomend you to visit The 9/11 Memorial, The Central Park, The Rockefeller Center. If you want to take up urban shoots, you will not be able to get around from New York!




Nuremberg, if you like medival flair, you are absolute right here in Nuremberg the city wall which encircles the city with the Kaiserburg are like a gateway to the past. Who is especially interested in the history of the second world war, i advise a visit to the Reichsparteitag arena with the taxi, Here you can look at the best preserved  buildings of the Nazi regime it is spooky when you go through the big facilities, and you meets no people The best way to get to the Zeppelin field is by taxi. If you have visited the tram you can quickly go back to the medieval old town with using the Tram wich is locatet near the NS-Documentation center. At Christmas, the biggest Christmas market in the world starts its called Christkindlesmarkt its something like christchildmarket. I do not recommend you visit the Christmas market on the first advent becouse then it is much too much going on here. Most beautifully part in the city is around the Kaiserburg, around here are still many old medival buildings well preserved. A visit to the castle is also a must. If you only want to go up you can even do it completely free! Only the entrance to the museum, costs then. If you want to take nice photos of Nuremberg's old town you should go to a tower of the city wall. Then you have much  numerous of churches and the Kaiserburg in one picture.


In the end Berlin, who wants to make urban shots is absolutely right here, very good photos can you shoot on the Siegessäule, the view is amazing and the entrance costs only 3 € so an absolutely good place in your Berlin trip. In the Christmas season I recommend you to visit the Gendarmenmarkt here every Christmas is a big and beautiful Christmas market, the most beautiful in whole Berlin. But also a walk from the Berlin  City-Castle which is to be finished soon, over the street Unter den Linden up to the Brandenburger Gate, this is a must if you want to take nice shots from Germany's capital.

Here I try to show you my impressions, experiences and experiences of the city tours I have already done. I also give you tips where my hot spots are in big cities. And where you could take the best pic.

written by Chris A.