The best camera

It is also very important to find the right equipment when youre taking pic's, we help you to find the right camera and give you tips and tricks for buying the right camera

Wich camera is the right?

The range of cameras is enormous, there are the very cheap compact cameras, which are for a professional photographer, of course, nothing, since some modern mobile phone cameras can keep up with them. Quite different are the SLRs, the SLRs, where you can change the lens, they have higher quality because of larger image sensors. Then there are still the system cameras they resemble the image quality of the SLRs, but because of their technique are smaller and lighter.At cameras itself, you should pay attention that the control is as simple as possible, it is helpful if you are certain operations which you often use to reach via rapid access keys. At most Canon SLRs, they can be found over a control wheel behind the trigger.

The best cameras

1 Nikon D5 1,84
2  Nikon D500  1,80
3  Canon EOS-1D Mark II 1,87 
4  Canon EOS-5D  Mark IV 1,93 
5  Pentax K-1 1,99 


Above all the lens decides ultimately about the picture quality of your photos, less than the camera. Please note that the price for a good lens is similar the same to that of the camera.

What we paid attention to when selecting our list

height and weight

Also the size and weight are important for the purchase of your digital camera, a big chunky heavy camera is not suitable for long trips in cities or landscapes.


The screen is very important at SLRs, this should be easy to recognize on the helical days. The latest SLRs offer monitors with touchscreen, which makes the operation of course even easier


Waht is the use of a slow camera? When you buy your SLR or digital camera, always be sure that the speed and turn on time of the SLR or digital cameras are fast and not slow!

Pixel number and sensor size

Pay particular attention to the senosor size in compact cameras. The larger the single pixel, the sharper and better the picture quality.

Our best cameras, in consideration for customer recessions and price performance ratio



1 Canon EOS-80D 1,445,00€
2 Nikon D3300 409,00€ 
3  Sony DSC-HX60 359,00€ 
4  EOS-1300D  386,98€
5  Canon EOS-100D 399,99€ 

The Canon EOS 100D, My camera, I can only recommend this camera, it is perfect for longer hiking trips or suitable. It is small and compact, you can simply hang around and start any tours. I was with her already in the streets of Venice in the German, Austrian and Italian Alps, in numerous German cities, in the canals of Amsterdam, and in many places more. All the pictures you can found here on the web page were shot with her.

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