The right hiking equipment

For hiking you need not only a portion of perseverance and much desire for nature, but also the right equipment, The best tips and tricks for the perfect hiking tour can be found here! We have compared meticulously many pages in our selection of the equipment and searched for the best trekking items for the new year 2017, and have come to this result.


Less is more! They should think carefully for each of their baggage if they really need it for their tour. Who packs less has more fun! Please bear in mind that the weather will not always be the same for longer trips! We advise you than to have a rain jacket and water resistant shoes. We have paid much attention to the price / performance ratio when choosing the equipment, expensive does not always have to be good!


Simple everyday wear is only conditionally sufficient for strenuous, several-hour hikes. Better would be a functional breathable clothing, hiking is sweaty, during the stay e.g. In the height it can also become cold, we recommend to dress them according to the "onion-shell" principle, so to combine several layers of clothing.

Comfortable fit

You have to feel absolute comfortable in your outfit! Please pay close attention to the fact that your outfit fits comfortably in all situations.

The most important things


The best accesoire for a longer trips and the best way to  take things with you is a backpack (camera, food, drink, rain protection ....) 30 liters are enough here. A high-quality backpack with a hip belt, so that the weight does not rest on the shoulder alone, takes up the equipment  very well , and can be worn easily for several hours. In addition, the backpack has to have a rain cover, as otherwise, in the case of an rain shower important things like a camera can be broken.

Our test winner:

Deuter Transalpine

The Deuter Transalpine shows us once again how great is the quality at Deuter written, wear comfort combined with large storage space and at an affordable price you can already buy it from under 100€

Price: already from 99.95€

Material: 100% polyamide

Volume: 30l

Verdict: Good

Advantages: padded shoulder straps, comper belt, rain cover, reflectors, seat mat, divisible main compartment, for more infos click the button "buy here".




These is the most important thing for a hiker. Hiking boots must face a heavy load, a good fit and especially processing are therefore essential. Depending on the application area, these must be perfectly matched. A light hiking shoe should wear as smoothly and smoothly as a Sneaker, but offer a lot more hold and wet protection.

Our test winner:


Lowa Trekking Boots Renegade GTX Mid Men - espresso / rust

There is probably no better than this test winner, he is suitable for trekking and snow tours with lots of luggage.

Price: depending on the size 134,50 to 179,95€

Weight: 1.110g

Verdict: Very Good (Test Winner)

Advantages: Absolute water tightness. Non-slip, robust, breathable


Functional jackets

A good and high quality jacket should not be missing on any hike tour. But note that the wather can change quickly on your tours. With a suitable jacket you should always pay attention to breathing activity, also much jacket pockets can be helpful in some situations. Jackets should also have a layer over the zipper, so that the cold or the rain do not come through the zipper inside.

Our test winner:

Jack Wolfskin Men's 3-in-1 Hardshell Jacket Iceland

The Jackwolfskin jacket is not a bargain with more than 400 Euro but whos looking for good quality paired with excellant functionality is just right here. It not only keeps you protected from the wind and the weather also a rain shower keeps this jacket without any problems. It is breathable and therefore the perfect jacket for trekking tours.

Price: 411,80.-

Weight: 1.200g

Verdict: Very Good (Test winner)

Advantages: 3-in-1 jacket, breathable, cold protection, for more info click on button "buy here".



Even smaller accessories like, A bandage bag if something happened to you, in can also save lives in case of a emergency, gloves, gas cookers, to cook a warm meal at your tours can never be wrong! Or water bottles, and on cold days a thermos flask for a warm coffee or cocoa. All you can find this helpfull accessories in this list! We have also always looked for a good customer evaluation, and a good price-performance ratio. If you are interested in purchasing or more detailed information, simply click on the offer. The links are regularly updated by us. These are the best hiking items to start the year 2017 with it!

For the New Year!

Perfect for the start of the new year, you will find our test winners so that you will be well equipped for your hiking and trekking tours in the New Year!

The products were compared and selected with the utmost care. If you want to support us please post your opinion or improvement suggestion below.


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